Stand-Up Paddleboarding in the ocean

Understanding the ocean

For this session we went down to Chichester on the south coast to take a group of beginners out stand-up paddle boarding on the sea.

Before we head out on the water we have a coffee and bacon sarnies on the beach and talk about currents, tides and waves so everyone has a basic understanding of the ocean environment.

When Stand-up paddle boarding on the ocean is is important to know how to stay safe and some top tips include

Checking the weather forecast and the tide timetables before heading off..

  • Go with a friend
  • Avoid offshore winds
  • Always wear a personal floatation device 

You can find a whole list of information on the RNLI website.

We provide all technical gear so the client just has to bring themselves, a towel and spare clothes. After our briefing and breakfast we head out to play on the water. SUP-ing is a great way to connect with nature and you can see shoals of fish in the clear waters. 

We have a picnic in a cove and on the way back to the beach we work on improving techniques and take video analysis to help. 

If you are interested in heading out on one of these trips please feel free to enquire.

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We have over 20 years experience paddling on the water including kayaking on the Thames, white water rafting in Nepal and have competed in many events.

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