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With over 20 years paddling experience, our model is to take beginner and improvers out to build up a sound skill set on a one to one or group session basis. Our coaches deliver ten different British Canoeing skill development courses and assessments as well as BSUPA Paddleboard Awards.

Our Sessions

We take you out on lake, canal or river based expeditions which can be challenging or chilled according to the client's request.  These range from half days, full days to overnight sessions. As your skill develops we can add in mindfulness paddling which incorporates on-board yoga.
This two hour session take you from zero to hero with basic SUP control and safety.
Client led skill development for all intermediate to advanced craft users.
Join a small group in a beautiful, tranquil lake setting for a mindful Sunday afternoon.
Three levels of BSUPA endorsed skill safety courses for stand-up paddleboards.
Day course to develop skills giving peace of mind when venturing out onto the water.
Two-day course exploring approaches to understanding and enabling learning.
Two-day training for coaches who develop individuals paddlesport knowledge & skills.
Introducing paddlesport to all by running fun, engaging taster & starter sessions.
Supports your existing skills and enables you to lead fun, safe and enjoyable trips.
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What people say about us

Had so much fun this morning, the venue is spot on, it has everything you need. The instructions have a wealth of knowledge and put it across in a friendly and informative way. Great way to spend the morning. 

Bespoke Group Development Participant

The venue is beautiful – easy to get to, loved the church / views. Lots of information and learnt how to use my hips.

One to One Session Participant

Awesome fun on the water. Totally pushed to try new things. Not laughed so hard in ages. Just loved it. Learnt loads. Fun, friendly team in Jane, Ian and Adam. x

Bespoke Group Development Participant

Jane and Ian are excellent coaches, very knowledgeable and I trusted them immediately.

Foundation Safety & Rescue Course Participant

Clear instructions, caring instructors about our mental health and they make it fun. Thank you for a very enjoyable day, certainly I’ll recommend.

PaddleSport Leader Training Course Participant

Very helpful choice of activities, clear instructions, I felt safe all the time and I learnt a lot, now need to keep practising!

Foundation Safety & Rescue Course Participant
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