Who can go on one of your sessions?
I’ve never done yoga before, can I still go?
I’ve never been on a paddle board before, is that okay?
Do we bring our own food and drink?
Do you cater for different dietary requirements?
Do you hire out boards on their own?
Where do you paddle?
Where do we go to the toilet?
Where can we get changed? 
Will I fall in?
Is there free parking?
What do we wear? 
Do you offer refunds?
What Covid-19 guidelines have you got in place?

Depending on the sessions, they are suitable for 12 year olds up to any age. Single folk, pairs, families, friends, birthday parties, team bonding work days. 

It is suitable for anyone who is willing to “have a go”. Those aged 12 and under should consider whether their physical strength is sufficient to be effect on a board or whether they may wish to share a board with a parent/guardian etc. We are able to make some accessibility arrangements/adaptations too.. so please drop us a line if you have a particular eligibility question. 

Absolutely YES….  it’s a great way to start your Yoga journey…

Complete beginners are very welcome, its best to let us know what your experience level is. Its also helpful to already be confident in/on the water but this is not essential.. You will be AMAZED at how quickly you become proficient on a SUP.

Some of our launch locations have food and drink but mostly they are quiet locations away from the buzz of life so it is important to bring your own food and drink.  Some activity packages do have some food /drink included. It’s best to check for each outing. 

Yes, if we are providing a food or drinks based package we will do your best to understand and work with your specific requirements. 

We do not plan to hire out our boards unsupervised, you will always have a qualified instructor/coach with you. 

We have a variety of launch sites within Buckinghamshire they include the Thames at Marlow, Spade Oak and Hurley, Grand Union Canal on the outskirts of Aylesbury and Tring. 

Most locations have public toilet facilities within a short distance of the launch site. These details will be covered in your joining instructions. 

Before the session starts we recommend that you arrive in the clothing that you intend to paddle in. After the session, although some sites do have changing facilities some do not and so it is best to bring towels, dressing gown or other wrap around clothing which will allow you to change close to your car. The exact arrangements for each location will be clarified in the joining instructions. It is best to bring a large bin liner or waterproof bag for your wet shoes and clothes. 

Not everyone wants/likes to get wet if that is the case we can avoid activities that are likely to result in falling off. However most participants soon feel so happy and comfortable on the board that they are quite happy to fall in… To be honest you should prepare to get wet, if not completely wet, during each session. 

Some locations do require a parking fee but most of them are free. These details will be covered in your joining instructions. 

It’s best to wear clothes suitable for the weather conditions. For example in the summer –  long sleeve tops and some kind of back of neck protection in sunny weather, sun hats, sun glasses and sun cream, but also to carry a wind proof top and trousers (waterproof tops from most stores such as Asda/Tesco/Mountain Warehouse etc do the trick).  In cooler weather more layers are advised. 

Avoid wearing cotton t shirts, shorts, thick track suit trousers or jeans as they are very heavy and uncomfortable when wet.  

Try to wear a sports/quick dry top and running leggings 

Everyone must wear shoes that can get wet (we do have some standard wet shoe sizes for rent ) as the rivers and canals can hide fishermen’s hooks, glass and cut metal. 

If notice of a cancellation after payment is given at least two weeks before the event a refund will be provided. Where possible sessions will be re arranged. In the event of an illness each situation will be considered individually. 

Your coaches/instructors have all received double jabs for Covid. 

When we collect your personal information we also confirm that this will be retained for track and trace purposes. 

We will arrive with face masks, we are happy to wear these throughout the session if requested but it does limit some of the activities which can be undertaken.  There is generally very limited close contact between participants and once on the boards the 1m distance rule is pretty easy to comply with. 

The boards, paddles, buoyancy aids and any rented equipment will be sprayed or washed with disinfectant after use by a participant. 

Sanitiser hand gel will be provided for all participants before and after the session. The instructors generally have a bottle in the buoyancy aids during the sessions. 

This is an outside activity.