Why book an experience with us?

There has never been a better time to get outdoors and Paddleboarding is a sport which works your whole body and has so many benefits including…

  • Helps with balance
  • Boosts cardiovascular health
  • Helps improve mood, focus and cognitive functions
  • Whole body workout
  • Helps connect you with nature

“friendly and informative”

Had so much fun this morning, The venue is spot on, it has everything you need. The instructions have a wealth of knowledge and put it across in a friendly and informative way. Great way to spend the morning. 

“awesome fun”

Awesome fun on the water. Totally pushed to try new things. Not laughed so hard in ages. Just loved it. Learnt loads. Fun, friendly team in Jane, Ian and Adam. x

“lots of information”

The venue is beautiful – easy to get to, loved the church / views. Lots of information and learnt how to use my hips.

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    We have over 20 years experience paddling on the water including kayaking on the Thames, white water rafting in Nepal and have competed in many events.

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