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Some of our adventures paddle boarding on the river and sea can be found here.
An abundance of wildlife The River Thames is 215 miles and is the second longest river in the UK, the longest being the River Severn. It has 45 navigation locks and accompanying weirs, is fed by at least 50 tributaries and is host to a whole range of wildlife.  On...
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There has never been a better time to get outdoors and Paddleboarding is a sport which works your whole body and has so many benefits including… Helps with balanceBoosts cardiovascular healthHelps improve mood, focus and cognitive functionsWhole body workoutHelps connect you with nature “friendly and informative” Had so much fun...
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Understanding the ocean For this session we went down to Chichester on the south coast to take a group of beginners out stand-up paddle boarding on the sea. Before we head out on the water we have a coffee and bacon sarnies on the beach and talk about currents, tides...
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It was a night to remember… To celebrate Halloween we organised a group, night-time paddle board session down the River Thames. Once the pumpkins were mounted to the boards and the lanterns lit we headed off into the wilderness.  In true halloween spirit we decorated the boards with illuminations and...
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We have over 20 years experience paddling on the water including kayaking on the Thames, white water rafting in Nepal and have competed in many events.

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